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Here to answer all the questions. If I didn’t answer one of yours, feel free to reach out!

Where are you based? Do you travel?

Why are you priced the way you are?

When should I expect to receive my video?

How long have you been a photographer?

Do we get all the photos?

Can I have the unedited versions or RAW files?

What do we wear for our shoot?

Can you help me in this wedding planning process?

How much are travel expenses?


Should we bring any props?

Can we bring our dogs?


Any advice you can give me?

i currently live in Athens, Georgia; However, I love to travel! My goal is to create the most beautiful and creative photos possible! so don't be shy, let's go somewhere epic!  im all for it! just say when & where and i will be there. 

Photography is priced based on several things:

The first is demand. There are many videographers out there but not many who focus on wedding video and do it consistently well. Bride and grooms want to have the best they can, and that narrows the pool even further. I like to think that I fall in the category of a videographer who constantly produces a quality video and there fore is in demand. 

The second is time. by the time I’m done driving, shooting, and then driving back home, 10-14 hours just vanished. That’s for the wedding alone. then, the real work starts! we begin sorting footage, editing, and putting together your final product. There isn’t a set number of hours of work that goes into the editing process - but it ain't short. it often runs 2-4 hours for every 1 hour spent at the wedding. Those long hours of work are a big reason why wedding videography isn’t cheap.

The third is equipment and education. running a photography + videogrAPHY business is expensive as all get out! Professional gear racks up into the tens of thousands of $$$.  On top of that, there is software and so many other little accessories / necessary tools I use that rack up. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so I don’t take it lightly and want to deliver the best service to you – but quality doesn’t come cheap. 

your wedding video's delivery date is dependent on the package you choose. for example, the essentials package turn around time is 5-6 weeks, the standard is 3-4, and the premium is 2 weeks. 

in regards to lifestyle photography, your gallery will be out within the week.

i Have been a photographer for about 7 years now - which is crazy!!!! i first got interested in photography when i found my mom's camera in her closet. after begging for permission to use it, i started "training". i am 100% self taught although i am already a professional in the feild, i continue to invest in hoards of education for my team and me. Tomlin visuals was founded when i was only 16 years old, so i trained for about 5 years before starting my career!

OF COURSE!!  The only photos that aren’t delivered are the blurry, MID-BLINKINg, or unflattering photos I know you will not like. I deliver anywhere from 25-60 images an hour. Sometimes more. It just depends on how long I’m hired for and what happens on your shoot.

Nope. You are hiring me for my editing style and trust that I will send you all the right images. Photography is an art form rooted in a photographer's specific editing style and colors. so sending you the raw would be sending you unfinished work that does not represent my company.

Wear something comfortable and authentic to your personality!  Whether that means a leather jacket and a beanie or a flowy dress and bare feet! our goal is to capture candid moments, where you feel comfortable and are exited to be here.I also always recommend neutral colors that blend well with the environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out – I can help you choose outfits based on the location + your personalities.


Out-of-state packages are offered with travel included to anywhere in the United States. International travel packages are available as well.

YEsssss! Not all weddings are the same, everyone has a different budget, vision, and plan for their wedding. we want to allow you to have full customization of you wedding video package. so I’m happy to cater to your specific needs. Prices are adjustable based on coverage hours / etc. Email me to inquire!

its up to you, but I definitely encourage it! Bringing things like flowers, bubbles, smoke bombs, champagne, hats, confetti, sparklers, etc, can be really unique! the more creative the better!

yesss! please do!

Ummmm... of course! the rehearsal is where all the amazing and hilarious toasts happen! 

yes. don't forget that this is supposed to be a fun day. take a deep breath and allow your vendors to take care of you! after all is said and done you get to be with your person - your boo-thing 😂. this process will be stressful and maybe a bit intimidating but you have your people by your side to help you make this the best day of your life!

Where are you based? Do you travel?

i currently live in Athens, Georgia; However, I love to travel! My goal is to create the most beautiful and creative photos possible! so don't be shy, let's go somewhere epic!  im all for it! just say when & where and i will be there. 


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